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The Spirit, trilogy

Three part based on the chapter of the Nietzsche's book Also spoke Zarathustra, chapter titled : Three Metamorphoses.

How the spirit becomes a camel, the camel a lion, and the lion at last a child

Where the camel bears all the weight of the world

Where the lion revolts against the rules

Where the child finally creates and distroys in all innocence.

With Jack MacNamara, the artistic director of New Perspective company, we have tried to translate these conceptions in artistique gestures.

On each of part, I was supported by the music of different sets of musician. Essential element of creation. Musician create the rythme of my movements and the mud of the scenes.

27-28-29 of Feb, my old friend and partner, Giuseppe Lomeo accompanied me with guitar and electronic device.

5-6-7 of March, Giuseppe Lomeo has been joined by the amazing drummer Steve Nobel.

12-13-14 Sharon Gall, with her fantastic voice and her weird and funny toys brought me on new zones for me.

I strongly and nicely was supported by New Perspective crew and ways and we lovely was hosted by The Battersea Art Center of London, UK.