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Captation of my selected performance for the national belgian contest "Canvas collectie"
At the Palais des Beaux-Arts
Shoot Reynald Halloy

Variante de ma performance du 19-3-2014

"Equilibre", 2012 is a short variation of a longer performance. Five minutes was the time imposed by the national contest rules I joined. On 6.000 participants, I finished in top 5 finalis with this showt.

The piece of wood I use, became an important object in my performances. Heavy and bulky, it's a good way of confrontation with the world.

Other performances with that beam

Ulrika Wedding, with Paul Metzger (Original, 2009)

Two other variations with RADIKAL SATAN (2009)

"In my privacy's studio" is a performance about life in a little artist studio. But obviously in an expressionnist way and oneiric images...

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