Thibault DELFERIERE's works


*contains nudity, violence, or offensive subject matter

Painting and performance art are my main activities.

As in all my work, body hold a central place. Body in every of its aspects : balance, suffering, sexuality, matter, corpse ... As artist, I consider my freedom of creation should have no limit if it's exhibited in the right frame.

I'm not a pure provocateur. I know nudity may shock some poeple

It's for that reason I made the quiet artificial and legal division between "All ages" and "Adult only".

If you are curator, the ideal for me is you tell me : "Go ! Do following your felling and your ideas of the moment. But I can deal within some constraints.

I don't want my performances are reduced to pornography neither funny plays.

But, it has to be watched in its whole complexity of meanings.

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